Are you a producer or a consumer? | #104

In early January, Rachel and Suzanne made a startling discovery: their friend Rob English, a super cool, frontiersman of culture and fashion, casually let it drop made a pledge to stop shopping in 2018. He will not buy anything that isn’t essential – no clothes, no home goods, no accessories. What started out as a behavioral experiment has turned into a soul searching exercise to find a different measure of his creativity. Uh oh. That sounded like a challenge. So they took it…for Q1, at least.

Rob joins Rachel and Suzanne on this episode to tell them about his pledge, and the surprising discoveries he is making along the way. They compare the (agonizing) withdrawal experience…

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The Small Stuff is a Big Deal | #103

If you want to really get under Suzanne’s skin, tell her “hey, don’t sweat the small stuff.” Rachel, on the other well-manicured hand, confesses that she’s happier away from the minutiae and does what she can to avoid Suzanne’s control freak “inner hulk” (check out a previous episode by the same name). In this episode, the duo debate whether the big decisions are actually made or broken by the small stuff (and we don’t mean Suzanne).

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How to fight the good fight | #102

Some of us like a good fight, and some of us flee at the first sign of confrontation. But no matter what your instincts tell you, there are many reasons to learn why, when and how to argue well. In this episode, Rachel and Suzanne duke it out over their own bad arguing habits, and bring on media expert and the arguing heavy weight champion of the world: Hank Norman. Warning: while listening to Hank, you may feel the desire to throw a good punch. Go ahead. He’s ok with that.

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In Praise of Compliments | #101

Does the act of giving someone a compliment pave the way for a more productive work meeting? And how do you praise someone authentically, and avoid the “Gap greeter” approach (which is to tell you that your ski hat is so adorable because they’ve been trained to believe that saying that to you when you walk in the door will make you feel like buying more). In this episode, Rachel and Suzanne break down the Art of the Compliment. Also? Rachel bemoans what’s become an all too familiar response to photos on Facebook, and Suzanne shares that she actually really likes Rachel’s earrings, but she doesn’t want to tell her, for reasons that might surprise you.

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The Best of the Big Payoff 100 (if we don’t say so ourselves)

We have a special treat for you. (Ok, it was for us to, but really, it was for you.) To mark the 100th episode of The Big Payoff Podcast, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite episodes. Some of our picks were those our listeners related to most, and some were those where we really did help ourselves (always a bonus). There were also a few that simply contained moments that only audio can capture. We appreciate each and every one of you who takes the 24 minutes out of your day to join us on our journey to dive more deeply into the conversations that can make all of us better at our work, and more comfortable with ourselves in our lives every day (that is, after all, the big payoff). We hope you’ll have as much fun listening as we did creating this for you.

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Own It | #87

We know how it goes– you get an assignment that you completely dread. You wonder if anyone will notice if you do a half-assed job. You start fantasizing about how you can get out of it– who can you get to do it for you. Today we’re going to give you the strange secret to getting REAL satisfaction from a dreaded project and your job– even one you are hating on right now. You will not only end up doing better, you will feel better. Warning: it’s completely counterintuitive. So much so that Rachel whines… a lot. Stick around to the bitter end to see if Rachel and Suzanne actually take their own advice!

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Managing your Boss | #86

You’re having a bad time at work and blame your boss. She’s a nightmare. But wait. Instead of complaining about it–which doesn’t change the situation–how about learning to manage HER? We call this “managing up” and it’s the key to getting sh*t done at work…and to your success over time. Managing those who have power over you is not just a work skill–it’s a life skill, and it can be learned. By listening to this show, for starters. Rachel and Suzanne have been there. And done that.

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Claiming your expertise | #85

When someone asks you, “What do you do?” you go right to your job title, and possibly even say something self-deprecating as a chaser. But that’s not the way to claim your expertise, or your power in the room. Here’s a hint at what you’ll hear on this podcast: your expertise is a far bigger piece of territory than you think. It’s the skills, talents, insights and experience that you’ve accumulated over time, and now it’s just about claiming that package. Rachel and Suzanne help you fill out a “claims report” that will help you talk about your expertise in an entirely new way.

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Planning for that difficult conversation | # 83

You are anticipating a difficult conversation, so you have the whole narrative figured out. You’ve painstakingly scripted both sides of the conversation. The bad news: it NEVER goes the way you think it will, and you’ve wasted your time and energy for nothing. The good news: help is on the way. Listen in as Rachel tries to counsel Suzanne on this issue, and proves that she is a better podcast host than behavioral psychologist (or maybe Suzanne is just a terrible patient).

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You’re Such a Badass | #84

You are hearing and seeing this term everywhere, right? You share your opinion at a meeting, and you’re a badass. Or maybe you pull an all nighter for the presentation…or give a talk in front of a group…or run a 5k And the next thing you know…you’re a badass?! Something feels wrong about that, so Rachel and Suzanne set out to uncover the true meaning of the term, and go straight to the source– the ACTUAL queen of badass, extreme action hero, choreographer and warrior, Elizabeth Streb. Turns out, being a badass takes more than you may think (and no, it’s not a biker jacket).

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