Rethinking the “Vacation” | #75

Rachel and Suzanne have packed their Louis Vuitton bags and are going on vacation. Together. For the first time ever. Here’s the problem– they’ve never been very good at taking a break from work so being together certainly won’t help matters. The good news for you is that this event has led them to radically rethink the purpose of a vacation from work, and they have some insights to share. Rumor has it that they are then going to try to apply it while they are away, and tell us all about it when they return. Yup…taking one for the team. Bon Voyage!

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The Cost of Sharing Secrets | #74

This is between us. I shouldn’t be telling you this. Don’t tell anyone I told you, not even your dog…We’ve been there– more than we want to admit. Why do we do this? What do we think we will gain? As it turns out, not much. In fact, there’s a lot to lose. Michelle Smith from Source Financial joins us for an honest conversation about what sharing a secret will cost you. This is behavior that can change– we’ll tell you how.

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Strong is the New Pretty | The Big Payoff @Daily Worth #6

Last year photographer Kate Parker was on our show to talk about her amazing “Strong is the New Pretty” photo campaign. Her breathtaking new book has recently been published and it is EVERYWHERE. To date, this episode with Kate has been our most popular, for good reason– she has helped to change the way women see themselves, and most importantly, teaching girls that they are to be celebrated for being their fearless, confident, independent, authentic selves.

Listen again to our conversation with Kate, and then go buy her book for yourself, your friends, and every young girl you know.

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But do you LIKE me? | with Michelle Smith | #73

We all want to be liked. But when we work too hard at it, we pay a price– at work, in our personal relationships, and even at places like the doctor’s office. Ever used this phrase when you didn’t really mean it: “No problem.” Yup. Us too. To the rescue: our resident financial therapist, Michelle Smith of Source Financial. She doesn’t care if we like her as long as we listen to her.

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Working on the Weekend | #72

The weekend is coming up. Here’s a pop quiz: Do you see the weekend as

a. Time to do the things I enjoy
b. No different from the rest of the week
c. An endless to-do list
d. An abyss of resentment

On this podcast we explore what your attitude about the weekend says about you. Listen to the end for some real to do’s that can make a difference for you, and to hear Suzanne and Rachel’s “Bad Habit Showdown” or in other words: “Anything she can do, I can do worse.”

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Paying Off Our Dread | #71

Ever pay extra cash to avoid a hassle or make something you dread more bearable? On this podcast, we explore the habit of “Dread Financing”– spending money to make an upcoming situation a little less dreadful. As Rachel and Suzanne discover, with the help of Michelle Smith from Source Financial, this behavior is costing you more than you might think. Let’s fix that. Ready? Calculators should be at the ready, ladies.

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Your Work and Your Soul | The Big Payoff @Daily Worth #5

Ikram Goldman is one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion and owner of the Chicago boutique, Ikram. She recently added “vocalist and performer” to her title after the band, Pink Martini, asked her to sing “Girl from Shallabiya” with them at concert halls around the globe (and on their recent album). In this podcast she shares that soul awakening experience, and the secret to being more generous and open to others, as well as “good” at what she does every day.

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What Your Junk Drawer Says About You | #70

Most of us have a junk drawer in our home. Keys, batteries, old chargers, loose change…and, what else? It turns out that junk drawers are shockingly revealing. Join us as Michelle Smith, our resident financial therapist, analyzes what Rachel and Suzanne found in theirs, and learn what your junk drawer might be telling you about your “stuff.” You might just find something that you never knew was there.

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Fatal Distraction | #69

It’s easy to reject the doomsday scenarios of the impact of technology on our concentration. After all, even as I’m typing this on my computer, I’m also checking Instagram and responding to a text. Yeah. So what? Well, we’ll tell you what. The way we behave around our technology, at work and at home, is giving away something that’s hard to get back. And oh, do we have stories to share.

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Post Election 2016: The Choice That is Still Yours to Make | #68

It will take a while before we will be able to shake off the bad feelings and anger that surrounded us on all sides of this election. While revenge fantasies are often the first thing that comes to mind (or at least, came to ours), in the end, those thoughts just make you feel worse and less in control of the world around you. So we set out to find someone who has a very different take on what to do right now to feel better, and a story to go with it. It turns out that we didn’t need to look very hard. We bring Suzanne’s dad into the studio for everyone’s favorite segment, and “Ask Arthur” to share his story about a lost camera case, some friendly Geeks, and returning something that money can’t buy.

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