Catastrophic Thinkers

You know that person in your life who always goes to the worst case scenario as soon as there’s a problem? That coworker or friend (or in Rachel’s case, mother) who immediately catastrophizes any situation? Rachel and Suzanne discuss how to spot a “catastrophic thinker,” and give you tips for how to respond to them in a way that’s productive for everyone.

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Be the Questioner, Not the Answerer

When Rachel locked herself out of her closet this week, she unexpectedly learned an important life lesson. Instead of coming in hot with an answer, her handyman actually solved her problem by asking her questions. Rachel and Suzanne discovered that the “let’s figure this out together” approach is actually way more effective than aiming for, “I’ve got your answer!” Also, Suzanne is a Diplo fan now?

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Must Ask Questions for 2020 (and Beyond)

How do you navigate a dystopian existence? Rachel and Suzanne are delineating the Before from the After times in the only way they know how: by asking the best questions. Here are four questions you should never leave home without (in addition to your mask).

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Hot Mic: Quarantine Lightning Round

If you’re wondering what keeps Rachel and Suzanne up at night, what their current guilty pleasures are… or what they’re really doing on Zoom… check out this little hot mic lightning round.
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Redefining Self-Care

Right now, Rachel and Suzanne – like many of you – are searching desperately for ways to feel better – physically, mentally, and emotionally. But when they turned to the “classic” self-care model (think: meditation, cucumbers on eyes, hot baths), they found it… sorely lacking. So what better time than now to completely redefine the meaning of self-care? Follow along with this episode – and with the worksheet we created (click here) – to find your definition of self-care.


Stay On (Your) Mat

Despite the absolute insanity of this moment, we’ve decided to post an episode we had previously taped, in the hopes that this conversation around what keeps you motivated, and how to stay centered might be helpful during this time. Also… if you need even more distraction? Do yourself a favor, and go binge watch Netflix’s “Cheer” after you listen to this episode. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

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You’re Not Faking Anything

Rachel and Suzanne are LIVE at the Kellogg School of Management, and taking on your “Imposter Syndrome” once and for all. Take out your notebooks, this one’s got tools you’ll never want to leave home without.

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