Desperately Seeking Hillary| Off the Air w/ R+S #4

Who is the real Hillary Clinton? Does she throw on her PJs the minute she’s home, or does she sleep in her pantsuit, always armored? We all have layers of our selves…but when we never let anyone see the underbelly we block passionate connection. Let us in, Hillary. We can help!

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Busting the myths of entrepreneurship|w/ Josh Wexler| #19

Taking our cue from “The Real Hollywood Housewives” we want to get underneath the myths and cliches of entrepreneurship. Our guest, Josh Wexler, a serial tech entrepreneur, is our “Real Housewife” stand-in…and helps us separate fact from fantasy. Step away from the foosball table and get a dose of the truth.

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Testing: What is it good for? | w/Matthew Pietrafetta | #18

We have become a nation of test takers. Standardized tests begin at age 5 and continue through our hiring processes to how we promote employees. But what are we measuring? If a culture becomes what it measures…what are we becoming? Matthew Pietrafetta founder of Academic Approach, Chicago’s preeminent test prep tutoring center, is an expert on the topic. After you listen, please answer the following: Did you find his perspective (a) surprising (b) enlightening (c) Fancy Rachel word (d) all of the above?

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