Every Startup’s tension: vision v. money | w/ Emma Tessler | #28

Oh, the painful experience when your pristine vision meets the gritty realities of market response. We know it too well. So does Emma Tessler, one of the founders of DatingRing.com. She takes us through the struggles and turning points of her company’s dream to match all single people happily ever after. Dating Ring was this season’s featured company on the wildy popular podcast, Startup. Humble Emma insists that she’s not a star. You’ll definitely disagree.

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What’s the deal with men?? | w/ Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh | #27

Men are not healthy. A pudgy “Dad Bod” is not hot—and celebrating that is what’s wrong with this country. Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, an expert on men’s health, is on a mission to help men live healthier and longer and give them the tools and motivation to do that. Step away from the burrito and listen to what the doctor has to say. Rob Densen, CEO of Tiller, tell us how this whole thing can become a movement.

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