Women and Power | Off The Sidelines Series #1 w/ Bridget Gainer

What’s keeping you on the sidelines? How can you start claiming your power, today? Rachel and Suzanne kick off their Off the Sidelines series with an episode all about Women and Power. Commissioner Bridget Gainer talks about her work with Senator Gillibrand’s ‘Off the Sidelines’ initiative and offers tips for claiming your power as a woman.

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How to be Heard | #41

Few things are more frustrating than having your great idea be totally ignored. This week, Rachel and Suzanne invite Jennifer Brandel (radio guru and founder of Hearken) to discuss how listening breeds listening and the art of getting your message out there.

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The Future of Work Life Boundaries | #40

What’s going on with the way we make boundaries between our workspace and our lives? Spark Media Group’s SVP Scott Hess breaks down how Gen Xers and Millennials work differently and sheds light on what might be in store for the upcoming Post Generation. Episode 40

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