Is your professional persona the real you? | w/ Israel Idonije |#45

Do you ever feel that the way the world sees you is not the way you see yourself? We talk to the fabulous Israel Idonije, former NFL defensive end for the Bears, The Lions, and the Giants. Today, he is an unstoppable entrepreneur, founder of Blessed Communion, Athlitacomics, The Chicago Bureau, and the Israel Idonije Foundation, He sees himself as the author of a life with multiple chapters, and he inspires us to do the same. This guy is on FIRE. Episode 45

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A Startup Story | #44

Oh, the painful experience when your pristine vision meets the gritty realities of market response. We know it too well. So does Emma Tessler, one of the founders of She takes us through the struggles and turning points of her company’s dream to match all single people happily ever after. Dating Ring was this season’s featured company on the wildy popular podcast, Startup. Humble Emma insists that she’s not a star. You’ll definitely disagree.

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The Human Face of Technology | #43

Every day we’re faced with a choice between human connection and technology. Enter Harry Gottlieb, founder of Jellyvision, an innovative tech company that makes the choice unnecessary. Their technology feels and sounds human, and more important, it engages you fully to address things you’d rather avoid. Their technology is so human, that female customers have proposed marriage to the voice of their digital benefits counselor. Check out, you may just fall in love.


Living a Portfolio Life w/ Brenda Bergen | #42

Today we are revisiting a favorite topic that explores what we call a “portfolio life”— a work life that involves doing lots of different gigs, strung together by the common thread of what you like doing and do well. Joining us is Brenda Bergen, a creative director for Vosges Chocolate as well as several other companies, who also makes time for her own creative expression on her cool blog, We talk to Brenda about her portfolio life— while juggling multiple projects is never easy, this way of working brings with it the freedom to do the kind of work you want to do.