What are you waiting for? | #59

We are all waiting for something. For the next job offer. For better weather. For the prospective client to return our call. But when you are waiting instead of doing, you get nowhere fast. Rachel and Suzanne give you a much needed kick in the butt, including a “call a guru” moment with none other than their media coach, Hank Norman. Hank? You there? Pick up. Don’t make us wait.

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When She Earns More | #58

We are revisiting a favorite past show about what happens in a relationship when it’s the woman who brings home the bacon. This show contained some priceless moments, including a reveal about a 70’s era commercial, as well as plenty of rough and tumble exchanges among Rachel, Suzanne and their expert guests Amanda Steinberg and Michelle Smith of WorthFM. Things heat up, enough to fry it up in a pan.

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Why every woman needs to learn to play poker | #57

A great poker player is patient, calculating, pays attention, and is not afraid to take a gamble. Hmm… where else could these skills and traits possibly come in handy? Rachel and Suzanne share their best moves, and then talk with Ellen Leikind, founder of Pokerdivas.com and author of “Poker Women: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business Using the Principles of Poker.” As they say in poker, she’s got the nuts.

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Scared at work? Fear not. | #56

It’s 3am. You can’t sleep. You’re thinking about your job and break into a cold sweat. You’re telling yourself that it’s “just stress.” But let’s be honest, it’s also fear. We’ve all been there. So we made a checklist of our top 3 work-related fears and what to do about them. Then we doubled down and called an expert for advice. Fear not. Help is here.

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