Strong is the New Pretty | #63

In honor of this month’s Serena Williams Glamour cover, we are (re) posting our most listened to episode (so if you missed it, now’s your chance). Everyday we are reminded how women are judged by the way they look and behave. Photographer Kate Parker’s “Strong is the New Pretty” photo campaign flips all that. There’s no question that a woman’s power and strength comes from a hell of lot more than just her looks. Right, Hillary? This is a good one. Take a listen.

To see Kate Parker’s portfolio, click here.

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The dilemma of the unpaid internship | #62

Unpaid internships during and after college have become the norm, an expectation that it is a necessary step to your brilliant future career. But is that really the right path? Is it ever a good idea to work for free? Is there a big payoff? Suzanne and Rachel take opposite sides on this debate and call an expert to weigh in and settle matters. Another “Ask Arthur” episode; he’s always got the answer.

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Learn to trust your gut | #61

It seems that some people are totally comfortable trusting their gut, and others second guess themselves into a hole. On this episode, Rachel and Suzanne ask: Is trusting your gut something that can be learned? How? In another “call a coach” segment, they get superstar CEO coach Strat Sherman on the phone, and what he shares knocks them back on their (high) heels.

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Why People Aren’t Listening to You | #60

You go into a meeting with a big idea. You lay it all out there with everything you’ve got. And then…blank stares. On this reposted episode of our podcast, we explain what the hell just happened, and how to turn the whole thing around the next time. Radio rock star turned tech entrepreneur Jennifer Brandel reveals the secret to getting audiences to pay attention. Sometime you just gotta flip things upside down.

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