The Power of Broke | The Big Payoff @DailyWorth | #2

Shark Tank’s Daymond John shares why you should never stop feeling broke.

Daymond John, the fashion mogul and investor known as “the people’s shark” on Shark Tank, joined Rachel and Suzanne in the studio to share some incredible insights and lessons about how to harness the “power of broke”—and keep that mindset even once you start to make some (or even a lot of) money. There are so many moments in this podcast that really kicked us back on our heels, and also made us burst out laughing. And for Shark Tank fans, don’t worry: we get some juicy behind-the-scenes intel, including the real story behind “the biggest fight ever to take place on Shark Tank,” and the reason that he is now a beekeeper (we couldn’t make that up).

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