Getting in Bed with Entrepreneurs | The Big Payoff @DailyWorth #3

You are all in with your job, and it’s hard to separate your work life from personal life. You might even fantasize about being in a relationship with someone who allows you to engage in work-related pillow talk at all hours. But what if both you and your partner/spouse both need that kind of support and attention? Is that a dream, or a nightmare? We wanted to get the unphotoshopped scoop on what a committed relationship actually looks like between two, hard-driving entrepreneurs. We hit the jackpot when we decided to interview “it” couple Miki Agrawal, founder of Thinx, and her boyfriend (turned fiancé since we taped this show!) Andrew Horn, founder of Tribute. They joined us in the studio and agreed to give us their honest and raw he said/she said take on their relationship, Newlywed Game Style. This episode will make you stop and think about many, many things, and will help you answer the age old question, “Evening or morning sex?”

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