I’ll have what she’s having

You look at what your friend or colleague is doing and you wish you could do that, too. You get that gnawing feeling of “I should be more of this…I should do more of that…but then you realize, “but that’s not me.” In this episode we’ll talk about how this experience can actually help you see what you really want and how to go and get it. As one wise podcaster says (listen closely): “The disease of our era is that everyone wants to be and nobody wants to become.” Well, we have the cure.

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Are you a producer or a consumer?

In early January, Rachel and Suzanne made a startling discovery: their friend Rob English, a super cool, frontiersman of culture and fashion, casually let it drop made a pledge to stop shopping in 2018. He will not buy anything that isn’t essential – no clothes, no home goods, no accessories. What started out as a behavioral experiment has turned into a soul searching exercise to find a different measure of his creativity. Uh oh. That sounded like a challenge. So they took it…for Q1, at least.

Rob joins Rachel and Suzanne on this episode to tell them about his pledge, and the surprising discoveries he is making along the way. They compare the (agonizing) withdrawal experience…

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