Office Hours Special Edition | Help me stand out from the pack!

Welcome to the first of our new feature, “Office Hours,” in which Rachel and Suzanne offer unscripted coaching to real live women in need of real-time advice. In this episode, we listen in on a conversation between Suzanne and Kimberly, a recent MBA graduate, who is asking how she can stand out from her peers at work in a very competitive environment. In a surprise twist near the end, Suzanne uncovers the ace up Kimberly’s sleeve that even Kimberly didn’t realize she had. Finding that meaningful and memorable personal brand narrative is what you’ll need to stand out and break through, so listen and learn! After you hear this, you will want to make your own office hours appointment (please do! Email


Carrying Someone Else’s Weight

We collaborate with others all the time, and more often that we want to admit, someone is doing more than their fair share of the work. If that’s you, raise your hand. We see you. And, we have a podcast episode for you. Rachel and Suzanne get to the bottom of why we tend to do this, and even air their therapy sessions in order to help all of us work and live better and smarter.

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