Hot Mic | R&S on Mr. Big | The Big Payoff

The mics were hot when Suzanne and Rachel started chatting away about Mr. Big- turns out he is what inspired the conversation for our last show, “At Your Service.” Think about it, SATC super fans- didn’t it make you crazy when our Carrie was at Mr. Big’s beck and call? In what has to be one of Suzanne and Rachel’s shortest conversations ever, they dig in.


At Your Service | The Big Payoff

We’ve talked a millions times about this over cocktails and for sure on this show: men and women do things differently. What starts off as a conversation about how we use email opens up into a wider discussion of the role women so often take on in service to someone. Yes, it’s cringeworthy listening at times. But today’s episode will help by showing you a new path forward.