Hot Mic | Nothing Easy About Touchy Feely | The Big Payoff

Stanford and Wharton MBA programs have rolled out new classes with a “touchy feely” curriculum. These are the softer skills– you know silly things like interpersonal dynamics, relationship building and how to authentically engage with others. Basically, everything we cover in this podcast. You’re welcome. What’s incredible is that these more intangible skill sets, the ones that make us better at our jobs and life, are not part of EVERY business school curriculum. We have thoughts, caught on tape.


Don’t Ask to Pick My Brain | The Big Payoff

Okay graduates, job seekers, professional networkers or anyone who writes emails– this show is for you. You want to write a killer email to someone you haven’t met. Maybe you’ve been referred to them, maybe this is a cold call to someone you really want to meet. The truth is a cold call or email will very likely be ignored, missed, or, even worse, DISmissed. Ouch. This episode will tell you what you need to know to get noticed and maybe, just maybe, make the person on the other end WANT to talk to you. Just like right now– you WANT to listen to this episode.