Rachel and Suzanne


Rachel and Suzanne have built careers as leading strategists who focus on ensuring that ideas that matter…matter more.  Their client list includes Nobel Laureates, iconic athletes, billionaire investors, well-known policy leaders, Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial non-profits.  Their hard-hitting style is more “insultant” than “consultant,” and they’ve successfully banked on their conviction that people are hungry for the unvarnished truth, delivered in a way that people can absorb and apply to their lives, while not taking themselves too seriously.

Rachel Bellow
Rachel is a serial fire-starter. She’s been a founder of eight different enterprises in Chicago and in New York City. She’s raised money for her own ventures, invested in others and advises clients on what it takes to get their ideas off the ground. She has been lulling Suzanne into thinking that she’s the boss since 1998. To learn more about Rachel, click here.

Suzanne Muchin
Suzanne can’t stop running things. In addition to 10 marathons, she’s run four successful companies, and they all focus on finding the smartest, fastest way to get big ideas positioned for the markets they deserve. She mentors Chicago entrepreneurs at 1871, Impact Engine and TechStars. She tries to mentor Rachel but that’s a lifelong project. To learn more about Suzanne, click here.