Claiming your expertise | #85

When someone asks you, “What do you do?” you go right to your job title, and possibly even say something self-deprecating as a chaser. But that’s not the way to claim your expertise, or your power in the room. Here’s a hint at what you’ll hear on this podcast: your expertise is a far bigger piece of territory than you think. It’s the skills, talents, insights and experience that you’ve accumulated over time, and now it’s just about claiming that package. Rachel and Suzanne help you fill out a “claims report” that will help you talk about your expertise in an entirely new way.

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Planning for that difficult conversation | # 83

You are anticipating a difficult conversation, so you have the whole narrative figured out. You’ve painstakingly scripted both sides of the conversation. The bad news: it NEVER goes the way you think it will, and you’ve wasted your time and energy for nothing. The good news: help is on the way. Listen in as Rachel tries to counsel Suzanne on this issue, and proves that she is a better podcast host than behavioral psychologist (or maybe Suzanne is just a terrible patient).

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You’re Such a Badass | #84

You are hearing and seeing this term everywhere, right? You share your opinion at a meeting, and you’re a badass. Or maybe you pull an all nighter for the presentation…or give a talk in front of a group…or run a 5k And the next thing you know…you’re a badass?! Something feels wrong about that, so Rachel and Suzanne set out to uncover the true meaning of the term, and go straight to the source– the ACTUAL queen of badass, extreme action hero, choreographer and warrior, Elizabeth Streb. Turns out, being a badass takes more than you may think (and no, it’s not a biker jacket).

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Being OK with Being No. 2 | #82

There are times when your job is about helping someone else look good, get the credit or shine in the spotlight. When that’s your role, do you embrace it, or does your ego fight it? Rachel and Suzanne talk about how to make “being Number 2” a position of power, and as always, share stories of their cringe-worthy mistakes. As they say in the theatre– there are no small parts, only small podcasters.

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Stress is Not the Boss of Me | #81

With thanks to Tina Fey for introducing all of us to “sheetcaking” as an emotional release in turbulent times, we bring you this podcast episode on the topic of reducing your stress in ways that actually work. Whether it’s your boss, your clients, or and the crazy “back to school” insanity, we all need better ways to not only relieve stress in the moment, but reduce it entirely. As always, Rachel and Suzanne give you a completely different take on how to take back control over your life, and let your stress know it is NOT THE BOSS OF YOU.

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Don’t Quite Fit In? She’s Gets You w/ Jennifer Romolini | # 80

Jennifer Romolini, chief content officer for, is a self-proclaimed misfit. Even while killing it in her career she has never felt that she looked or acted like she was supposed to, and just couldn’t shake the awkwardness and anxiety that has always been a part of her. So she wrote a book about it called, “Weird in a World That’s Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, and Failures.” Jenn joined us in the studio for an amazing conversation about herself, her book, and gave us a little sneak peak into the upcoming world of You’re gonna love it.

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Charisma in 3 easy-to-learn moves! | #79

She walked into the conference room and within seconds she was smiling and chatting easily with the others. There’s an ease, a magnetism, an instant desire to be in her presence. How DOES she do that? You might want to say– well she just has a charismatic personality. And while that may be true, she is likely putting a few techniques into play. In this episode, Rachel and Suzanne break it down and share their 3, foolproof moves that will help you win the room.

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Getting Sh*t Done | #78

Does this sound familiar: “I worked all day but got nothing done.” It’s the worst feeling ever. Right? Our guess is that you did everything BUT the work you needed to get done. This isn’t procrastination– which is when you knowingly clean the house instead of writing that report. This is Work Avoidance. It’s sneakier. Rachel and Suzanne have identified 3 work avoidance time sucks to help you avoid the rabbit hole and get sh*t done.

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“Admit you’re getting better” | #77

You’re focused on the one negative comment your boss made about a piece of work you just turned in. You keep getting in the same fight with your kids (or your spouse/partner) day after day. You wonder if you are even on the right career track. It can be exhausting. So on this podcast, Rachel and Suzanne pose a different set of questions. Instead of asking if you are good at what you do, or if you like what you do, ask yourself: am I getting better? Am I showing up every day with a focus on improving? Am I “coachable?” Take a listen. Give it a try it.  It works!

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“What should I wear?” | #76 | The Big Payoff with Michelle Smith

“What should I wear?” is one of those questions that has a lot beneath the surface. What it reveals is the anxiety we have when we’re headed into a new situation. The real bubble over our head is: “I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable walking into that room. Who is going to be there? What will I say? And who am I supposed to BE?” Okay, maybe that’s just Suzanne’s internal dialogue, but we are all familiar with those feelings. If you’ve ever stood in a cocktail line to avoid having to schmooze, or escaped to the bathroom rather than working the room, then this show is for you. With Michelle Smith’s help, Suzanne and Rachel learn some great tips for how to walk into any room with confidence, and even better, how to be the hostess with the mostess.

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